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  • Track students’ skill attainment, not just their course completion and grades.
  • Help students make their skills verifiable and get them matched with jobs that fit their skills.
  • Engage industry professionals in a new way and connect them with potential hires.

CareerPrepped connects learners, educators, and employers in a virtual community to support work-based learning and enable skills-based hiring at scale.

A unique, skills-based 360° feedback system makes students’ skills visible and verifiable

CareerPrepped empowers students to showcase their skills with real-world evidence and then seek feedback from the community to understand which of their skills are perceived to be well proven and which need stronger evidence. Students can get feedback from all members of the community, including educators and employers.

CareerPrepped’s feedback system enables students to continuously improve their skill evidence and feedback ratings to better signal their proven skills to employers. The platform also allows students to get authentic endorsements and testimonials from people who’ve seen their skills in action.

An innovative, competency-based system helps
students develop and demonstrate their soft skills

Essential workforce skills, often referred to as soft skills, are the set of skills needed to succeed in any industry and empower people to achieve lifelong career success. CareerPrepped offers a wide range of skill builders and associated tools to help students continuously build, prove, and showcase their soft skills.

CareerPrepped’s innovative approach to soft skills development and demonstration has been formally acknowledged by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and the platform has been adopted to support the agency’s Essential Workforce Skills Programmatic Certification.

CareerPrepped is destined to become a critical part of preparing the nation's learners for the world of work, with a rich set of workforce readiness tools and an environment that allows learners and potential employers to connect.
Michael Connet
With CareerPrepped, we're able to understand if students can identify, articulate and prove their skills with evidence. CareerPrepped allows employers to base hiring decisions on who actually has skills.
Douglas J. Bush
GIRESD Michigan

An employer-driven, machine intelligence system matches students to jobs that fit their skills

CareerPrepped provides a comprehensive suite of tools to assist students in translating their skills into career opportunities. Students can showcase their experiences, skills, and achievements through their own personal career site backed by multimedia evidence of their skills stored in their career portfolio.

The platform’s AI-based job match tool analyzes job listings across the entire internet and offers personalized job matches to students based on their skills and preferences. Additionally, the platform features a job tracker to help students track their job applications, a resume builder for generating personalized resumes, and a library of interview prep videos to enhance students’ interviewing skills.

Verifiable skills are becoming the currency of the labor market. Connect your students to the world of work through the same AI technologies that are deployed in leading Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Resources Information Systems, used by top staffing agencies and corporations worldwide.

Popular Use Case
Maximizing Work-Based Learning Outcomes

Prepare for WBL Experiences
Develop Students' Employability Skills to Enhance Their Work-Readiness
Capture WBL Experiences
Document Participation & Track Students' Skill Atainment with Authentic Evidence
Evaluate WBL Experiences
Mentor Students on Their Skill Evidence & Provide Constructive Feedback

For students and employers to gain real benefits from WBL, students must be prepared to exhibit essential work-readiness attitudes and skills before beginning a WBL experience. This is especially necessary for participation in structured internships and apprenticeship programs. Additionally, to achieve successful outcomes, structured WBL programs require mentorship from both educators and employers, and they need to track and record students' skill attainment. CareerPrepped provides a collaborative environment for students, educators and employers to achieve these goals.

Give your students the tools they need to
achieve career success in a skills-based economy

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